Hospitals, nursing homes, in-home or anywhere there are bed sheets with a mattress need these products from Taylors Bedding Supplies.The e-z clip pillowhold holds the pillow in place and  has resolved a problem that has been a problem since there have been flexible beds by keeping the pillow from falling on the bed. We have received an excellent feedback from our bedding supplies, therefore all of our bedding supplies are guaranteed to perform the job in a way they were meant to do.
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SHEET STRAPSOur SHEET STRAPS will be the last thing you will ever need to buy to keep your bed sheets, pillow or any other bedding on the bed. They can also be used for other things for example, a friend of mine was burnt at a young age and lost most of his arms. He uses the e-z clip sheet straps purchased from Taylors SHEET STRAPS to help in putting his socks on because he is unable to reach his feet. These  can also be used to hold a pillow or cushion for neck or back support in your car. As you know, the headrest does not support your neck. Just use the headrest with a pillow or cushion attached with our e-z clip sheet straps  to hold it in place. The headrest will now support your neck like it is suppose to. There are many other uses for our straps. Order here.

Rest assured knowing our products from  Taylor E-Z CLIP SHEET STRAPS will keep the pillows and sheets from coming off the bed. The e-z clip sheet straps are made only by TAYLORS E-Z CLIP SHEET STRAPS 

No more sheets coming off the mattress with these Sheet Straps(bedding supplies)
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                 Other uses for our :SHEET STRAPS

    keeps your pillow or cushion from falling off your cars headrest.
    keeps cushion in chair.
    keeps top bed sheet snug along.
    Many more uses for our  SHEET STRAPS

If you have a friend or a loved one who is looking for bedding supplies to keep their pillow in place on a flexible bed (hospital bed), they definitely need our E-Z Clip Pillowhold  to keep their pillow from falling when they raise the head of the bed and the e-z clip sheet straps to keep the bed sheets on their mattress. These easy to use bedding supplies are guaranteed for life to keep the pillow & bed sheets in place while also being easily attached. Click here to order.
The E-Z Clip SHEET STRAPS also work great for waterbeds and baby bed sheets. These E-Z Clip SHEET STRAPS work on any mattress no matter how thick it is. Click here to order
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Thank You for visiting our website. You have reached the original E-Z Clip Sheet Straps. We do not put adjustments on our sheet straps, what's the need? We concentrate on quality, not looking good. Simply attach it farther up or lower down on the sheet to adjust it. We concentrate on making them easy to attach, hold tight and getting the best elastic we can. While others use elastic that will shrink and lose its texture and DO NOT last,our E-Z Clip Sheet Straps are guaranteed for life to keep its texture and remain to look like they did when you purchased them even after washing. We have been in business since 1998, so you want to order from a company with a proven track record and one that is going to be in business to stand behind their products and we will be here when you need us with a prompt reply. Your problem of keeping your bed sheets and blankets on the bed are no longer a problem when you use our top  bed sheet straps (with our e-z clips for easy attachment). Don't throw that sheet away, (perhaps your favorite). Simply attach our sheet straps to each corner of the bed if you are looking for something to hold the sheets in place on the mattress and want something easy to attach, our 
E-Z CLIP SHEET STRAPS are what you need. Making the best attempt to find E-Z Clip Bed Sheet Straps can prove to be very useful. You have to make sure of getting the right one at affordable price. Bedding Sheet straps

Orders are mailed within 2 business days
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You've heard the saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"We have put together SHEET STRAPS that will last you a lifetime, so why keep buying the old garter type straps when you can purchase the E-Z Clip Sheet Straps that have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE?
1 Set Of  Corner Sheet Straps And 1
 Middle Sheet Strap 
2 Sets Of 4 E-Z Clip Corner Sheet Straps And 2 
Middle E-Z Clip Sheet Straps
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Tip:Attach the e-z clip sheet straps to your top sheet, keeping the top bedding plus the                       bedspread on the bed, making it much easier to make up the bed in the morning
E-Z CLIP SHEET STRAPS  are your answer for easy to attach. Our  SHEET STRAPS are guaranteed for life to keep your bed sheets on the mattress. Want to buy a thick mattress, but are afraid the bed sheets will not stay on the mattress, problem solved with our SHEET STRAPS
Looking To purchase higher quantity's?
savings-number of sheet straps or Pillowholds:
21 to 40 'Sheet Straps' or Pillowholds- 30% 
41 to 60 'Sheet Straps' or Pillowholds- 40% 
60 or more 'Sheet Straps' or Pillowholds- 50% savings
Same savings on all our products 
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                                   Not even 5, 10 or even 20 year guarantee, 
                                         but a LIFETIME GUARANTEE
                                             Why Lifetime?                                                                          Our 'Sheet Straps' have been tested for many years
 They perform and look new after many years of washing and normal use
                   Manufactured by: "Taylors MANUFACTURING"
                                        Model: One Size Fits All

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1 Set Of 4 E-Z Clip Corner Sheet Straps
sheet straps
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